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I was surfing the internet when I stumbled upon a material that says, “We may need to rewrite another Bible because the current one is becoming outdated.” I took a pause and said within me, “That’s a thought from a ‘religio-scientific’ man; one who is losing sight of the truth of whom God is.” It will interest you to know that that write-up was put together by a religious leader; someone who has one of the largest religious movements in the world today. What a shame!

You need to understand that God is not just wise, He is wisdom. God knew that there was going to be technological advancements and things will progress with time. He knows the end even before the beginning begins – He is the Alpha and Omega. The world cannot advance above His capacity. Hence, we must trust His abilities. No upgrade takes Him unawares; rather, whatever upgrade we now and will ever celebrate is first obsolete to Him—the One that is never defined and constrained by time.

One day, in front of the mirror with my hair dishevelled, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. He gently mentioned that my hairstyle is exactly like the old folks whose hairdos I used to term, funny, even though that was the style in vogue at the time. He said, “Don’t you see that’s the in-thing now?”

I also remember when we used to mock boot-cut jeans and pants when our parents would wear them and how it returned as the fashion trend.

In my earlier years, for every time I travelled to London and saw how bodily fitted their jeans were, I rebuffed the thought of ever wearing one. I remember the Holy Spirit telling me that I’ll understand it with time. Is that not what’s trending today? Palazzo, boot-cuts and bogus jeans and pants seem to be out of style.

This just brings to mind that what has reigned in the past could still be relevant in the future. It’s God that regulates everything in times and seasons. Listen: don’t take God for granted; never allow the thought that God is not smart cross your mind. God prepared for both the upgraded times and the mediocre times. In fact, can anything ever be more upgraded than the creator of upgrade?

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
Ecclesiastes 3:1 KJV

The Lord said to me that fashion and style is not about what you do, but about the season. When you understand what works in a season and play accordingly, you seem to be in style. So, it’s not just about saying, “I want to do something new;” it must work with the season – it’s spiritual.

And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment.
1 Chronicles 12:32 KJV

What’s in vogue or what makes a lot of sense is not first about excellence, but about tapping into the spirit of the season and doing what works.

Do you know that the songs that pulled a lot of stunts in the mind of the people were not the ones with the best vocals or instrumentals? They were just songs that worked for the season. There are certain songs you never really liked to listen to, but they still made wave.

A lot of music celebrities today had no idea what particular track, album or genre was going to be a hit; they were just hopeful about their stardom in the music industry. I remember an artiste saying that the song he and his team toyed with in the studio eventually became his hit.

Don’t think that God, in His capacity, cannot see everything; the Word of God is complete. Don’t think your thought can be more brilliant than His. Your 1.5 kg weighted brain cannot match His wisdom. He puts everything together, so if you want to be in vogue or get into shape; just get into the Spirit of Mimshach – the Spirit of spreading.

Mimshach is the Spirit that makes you be on top. Not every excellent thing makes sense or wins the heart of everybody, but with the Mimshach anointing, it just spreads; it goes viral.

Again I looked throughout the earth and saw that the swiftest person does not always win the race, nor the strongest man the battle, and that wise men are often poor, and skillful men are not necessarily famous; but it is all by chance, by happening to be at the right place at the right time.
Ecclesiastes 9:11 TLB

Finding something relevant for the times boosts your chances. You must be ready to maximise opportunities. Don’t keep praying and not do anything about what you’re praying for.

I got into a deep reflection about this subject: the fact that certain things are not in vogue today does not mean that people who lived while it trended in their days didn’t enjoy their lives; they sure did. As a matter of fact, some of the things they enjoyed will return to reign in the future – times and seasons.

Nobody can make false claims on God to say that the times God brought them to earth wasn’t good enough for them to thrive. Even in the Old Testament times, there were those who lived the New Testament: David, Abraham, Moses, Joseph, to mention but a few.

God is never unfair to any generation; He is sweet and beautiful. There is always the best you could enjoy from whatever time you’re in. God’s wisdom is enormous and all-encompassing. Always take sides with Him.

Genesis 8:22 says, “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” The earth rotates and revolves and seasons change.

Every advancement has an advantage that the previous technology did not have. So, everyone has equal opportunity to have a nice time within his time and space.

Trust the wisdom of God and not try to help God. The Bible can never be outdated; it encompasses all times and season. The Word of God is just the best thing that happened to us.

Pastor Preston Idoro.

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