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One of the ways to know that you’re not growing in the Spirit is to become shaky when attacked by cunning or heavily crafty people because of your shallow rooted conviction in what you believe.

In so doing, your salvation is not guaranteed; you could soon become as Demas who forsook Paul in the mission field because he was enticed and drawn off the faith (2 Timothy 4:10). At the babe stage of a Christian, there’s no guarantee that such person cannot walk out of the faith.

Christianity is not designed to have you remain a babe forever. God wants you to grow; that’s the purpose of fellowship with the Spirit. As you take instructions from God continually, you begin to grow. But when you resist the instructions of God, you don’t grow. An unstable mind is a function of a ‘nepiotic’ processing.

What makes you forget the Word of God is childishness. Don’t judge your intelligent use of scripture for maturity. That you have memorised Bible verses doesn’t mean you’ve grown in your walk with the Spirit of God.

James 1:22 says, “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” Children always deceive themselves.

To grow, you must be able to give attention to the right information. Wise people use excellent available information, irrespective of who dispenses it. Infants hear you say something wise and say, “I have it stored up in my brain.” A wise man would write it down and make it his practice.

The very famous Brian Tracy said that he used to be a sales representative and failed woefully like he did in school. One day, he sat down and asked himself what successful people do. He asked a couple of successful people around, sampled their responses, applied their principles, and that was the end of his failure.

Successful people succeed because as they hear, they change to what they hear, continue to practice it and get better. You should have a problem to not change quickly.

There are basically two kinds of change: slow and speedy change. When Scriptures define metamorphoō as a slow changing process, that’s not to validate that you should always be slow to change. Metamorphoō is the worse stage of approaching change.

If you read the story of David and Paul closely, you’ll discover that they didn’t metamorphoō to change; they were swift to change.

The slower your metamorphosis, the longer it will take you to accomplish all that God wants you and the slower you’ll heap reward in eternity as concerning your life. The quicker you change, the better for you.

Psalm 62:11 says “God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this…” That’s why David was a high profile individual. To some, God will speak twice and even once, they have not heard – they keep asking again and again and wonder why they’re not growing.

When you see a man who’s making progress and another who isn’t, it’s a function of one thing: the one who makes progress is quick to adapt to what works and the other has a poor response to change for growth.

Pastor Preston Idoro.

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