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I woke up one morning with the intention of wearing a suit. But as I stood by my wardrobe, I saw a vision of me wearing a native attire. It seemed a little unusual because I only wear such for certain occasions. However, it was what the Holy Spirit wanted and I had to comply without a second thought. Unfortunately, a lot of people like to make a religion of everything, including how they dress.

Someone, sometime ago, refused to watch my videos because, according to him, I was putting on a carnal dress. I asked what he meant by that and what scriptural references he had to support his claims. Unfortunately, he couldn’t respond to my questions.

You see, we have made religion of everything. Just like we were told that women shouldn’t put on trousers in the Church. There is no scripture to support this. They could have inferred this from the scripture that says women shouldn’t wear anything that pertains to men (Deuteronomy 22:5). My question to this is: the trousers a woman wears, can a man wear it? And this has been practiced as a doctrine.

They also condemn ladies not having their hair covered in the Church, using this scripture: “But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head…” (1 Corinthians 11:5).

“Her head” doesn’t refer to God but her husband. If her husband loves her hair uncovered, she honours him by doing so. There is no scripture that says that you dishonour God with your hair uncovered.

Many are trapped in religion. They’ve even made religion more important than Jesus. What a shame! They don’t know Jesus, yet they know religion, because they have failed to grow in the things of God.

For instance, I’m excited about service days, while some people, in their carnality, complain about it.

One time, I travelled for hours in England just to locate a particular Church. Surprisingly, there was a Church very close to where I resided but I chose to go the distance for another. Why? Because of the Spirit and the message of the Spirit.

Not all churches are ‘The Church’. You are the way you are because of the Church you attend and the words you give attention to.

Why do you drive the distance to eat a meal in a particular restaurant? Because you know the quality of the meal.

Jesus says to us that man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Luke 4:4). So, what do we get to do in Church? We get to eat a spiritual meal.

Anywhere you get to be well fed of the Spirit with quality, find it – no matter where it is located. Your spiritual health and growth is more important than anything.

If you refuse to attend a Church where you are well fed of the Spirit because someone offended you, then you are not wise. People like that cannot have wise results in their life.

Life isn’t by assumption but by proofs. We access His grace by fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Go all out for truth; trash religion—it has not, will not and cannot save anyone.

Pastor Preston Idoro.

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